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Tacticsboard Player Model Markers
tactics board player model 1
Each Tacticsboard comes with over fifty (50) high quality 3D player model markers with home and away colours for you to use in your presentations and discussions. We can customise the player models to suit any team colours (home and away) with or without bibs and also add additional stances to suit any requirement.

We have worked with certified coaches from all over the world to define the best possible set of player stances they required to create the most professional looking presentations they can with any application today.

Each player comprises over 9,000 polygons and has been rendered to the highest quality to add dimension and interest to your sports presentations. We've even added shadows to all player models to give the view that they are in a jumping position.
During research and development, we found that kids and adults show a lack of interest in studying drills and presentations simply because they are not graphically interesting. Creating sport presentations with game console quality graphics to draw out your thoughts and suggestions immediately adds the wow factor, captivates your audience, and instantly attracts much more interest than using X's and O's.

Player Model Customisations
Web Edition and Academy Edition products can use the player model customisation service to replicate any home and away kits onto the tacticsboards. We can also add additional stance positions should you require them.

Below are some examples of player customisations we have created: (examples show a subset of the available markers)
Note: All images are taken directly from the Tacticsboard system.
tactics board player model 2

tactics board player model 3

tactics board player model 4

And here's an example of how customised players bring to life an actual goal I scored myself:
tactics board player model 5

Customisation service costs and how to order can be found on our pricing page.