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create football tacticsboard
Screenshots - Football Canvases
There are over 50 shared canvases you can use immediately, with more being added.  The gallery below shows just a small subset of them.

Football Tacticsboard update: 25 brand new 5-a-side football canvases added to the football tacticsboard. click here for more info...
football tactics new canvas

Screenshots - Football Markers
You get over 120 markers created specially for football. They include 41 2D markers and 22 3D markers (as below)
football tactics canvas

And 70 2D and 3D home and away player markers (shown below) to create some seriously stunning presentations:
football tactics canvas

If you want your own team football kits on your tacticsboard instead of the default red and blue colours, or want the kit of the football team you support then you can use our customisation services to create your very own custom player model markers .
players tactics canvas

Tacticsboard is fully customisable, you can upload any canvas images and with a Club license you can upload up to 20 of your own custom markers as well.
custom player markers

Facebook and Skype
You can directly call your peers from tacticsboard free on Skype and post anything you create directly to your facebook wall. You can also invite your facebook friends to use your tacticsboards completely free as well. We have also created a facebook application where you can connect straight to your team tacticsboard from facebook.

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Darren Pitfield, CEO of is using the new tacticsboard system to create some visually stunning drills and presentations to add to their extensive library. If your specialist subject is coaching and training then you should definately take a look and see all the hard work and commitment Darren puts into his masterpieces.

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