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6: How to connect to your Tacticsboards
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Post Post subject: 6: How to connect to your Tacticsboards
Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 09:55 AM
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Tutorial #6 - How to connect to your Tacticsboards

Tacticsboard web edition is supported on all browsers available today for the PC, Mac and Unix operating systems. It has been tested with IE7/IE8 and IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers.

We do have additional applications being developed that need to be installed and maintained on your computers and devices, therefore these applications (for the iPad, PC, Mac and android tablets) all work offline and connect to your live Tacticsboard when an internet connection is detected.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we focus on the web edition.

There are several ways you can connect to your Tacticsboard:

A. From the Tacticsboard portal
B. From our facebook web application
C. From a shortcut on your desktop.
D. From your own websites.

A. Connecting to your Tacticsboard from the Tacticsboard portal.

1. Log onto the Tacticsboard website
2. Click the "board" link at the top of the page to access your Tacticsboard portal.
3. Click the "Connect" button to connect to your Tacticsboard (below).

Your should now see a new browser window appear with the Tacticsboard application (below)

(Note: Some users may be asked to allow popup’s from tacticsboard.com in their browsers before the application will load up)

B. Connecting to your Tacticsboard from the facebook application

1. Click on our facebook app link the footer of tacticsboard.com to go straight to our application page or point your browser to apps.facebook.com/Tacticsboard

2. You should now see the facebook application page below:

3. Click the "Sign in with facebook" button to open the Tacticsboard facebook app.

If you have already joined Tacticsboard before then you can proceed to step 6

4. If you haven’t signed into Tacticsboard before, then you will see the screen below asking if you already have a Tacticsboard account.

5. If you have a Tacticsboard account, then enter your Tacticsboard account login details in the fields and click connect account. Your facebook account will be linked to you Tacticsboard account automatically. Proceed to step 6

If you don’t have an account already, then click “I am a new user” to bring up the sign up screen below:

The full name and email fields are automatically populated from facebook. All you need to do is supply a backup password which you can use with your email address to login to Tacticsboard should facebook ever fail.

6. Click Next to create your account.

When your account is created, you will see the image below:

7. Click “Sign In” to proceed to your Tacticsboard manager (shown below)

8. Click "Connect" to connect to your Tacticsboard.

Note: The next time you login to facebook and launch the Tacticsboard app you will signed in automatically.

C. Connecting to your Tacticsboard from a desktop shortcut

1. Connect to your Tacticsboard using the Tacticsboard portal shown earlier.
2. Highlight the address in the browser address bar and drag it to your desktop.
3. The Tacticsboard icon should automatically appear (as below)

4. Simply open the desktop shortcut to connect directly to your Tacticsboard.

D. Placing your Tacticsboard inside a page on your own website

1. Create a new page, or locate the section where you want the Tacticsboard to appear.
2. Connect to your Tacticsboard using the Tacticsboard portal (shown earlier)
3. Copy the url address.
4. On your web page, create an <iframe> and point the source to the url address you copied in the previous step.
5. When you now go to your web page, you should see your Tacticsboard appear automatically.

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