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#1: 42: Advanced techniques 1 - Shadowing Author: Tacticsboard Support Post Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 08:41 AM
Tutorial #42 - Advanced techniques 1 - Shadowing

We will be creating some tutorials to cover advanced techniques to help you make some amazing presentations for your blogs, reports, websites and presentations.

In this tutorial, we cover the shadowing technique which really brings your presentation to life.

All the markers models contain a certain element of shadows, so we will mainly focus on shadowing the flow of a ball.

To start off, load up a canvas backdrop and place your markers where you want them.

In the example below, we use a 3D football (soccer) canvas and make the ball flow look 3D giving the presentation height dimension.

We start off by using the curved line and create a simple attacking pass (as below)

Now if you select the transparent line option when you have your line selected, and use the colour black then you can give the passing lines a shadow easily like below.

And here's our fully scaled chest down pass

Notice the shadowed passing line. You can use this technique for anything you like.

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