41: How to stop connected users from clearing the canvas

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#1: 41: How to stop connected users from clearing the canvas Author: Tacticsboard Support Post Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 08:48 AM
Tutorial #41 - How to stop connected users from clearing the canvas

If you are the owner of a Tacticsboard or the owner has upgraded your access to an author then you have complete control.

There may be times you want to stop everyone connected to your Tacticsboard from clearing the canvas so they can only listen and see your changes on the Tacticsboard live without the hassle of someone messing about.

The feature we have added allows you to stop everyone connected from clearing anything on the Tacticsboard canvas for the duration of the session.

To achieve this, you simply need to turn off the clearing element of Tacticsboard by using the admin control buttons below.

By default, they are all enabled. This means everyone who connects to your Tacticsboard can clear anything you place onto the Tacticsboard canvas freely.

To turn off clearing, simply click the "Clear On" button so it goes red and displays "Clear Off" like below.

This will instantly stop everyone else from clearing anything from the canvas and present a message to the user advising that clearing has been disabled (as below).

You can now draw freely knowing that nobody will be clearing what your draw while you go through what you need to.

To turn clearing back on, simply click the "Clear Off" button again turning it green.

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