38: How to attach audio to your presentations

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#1: 38: How to attach audio to your presentations Author: Tacticsboard Support Post Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 08:54 AM
Tutorial #38 - How to attach audio to your presentations

If you are the owner of a Tacticsboard or are an author of a Tacticsboard and the Tacticsboard owner has a club license then you can attach audio from YouTube to your presentations.

Having the ability to attach audio to your presentations for your Tacticsboard users has many benefits when you want to talk about a your presentation to demonstrate the message you are trying to get across, or talk about a topic of a discussion you are having on your Tacticsboard.

You can also attach video to the audio element if you wanted to attach two (2) YouTube videos.

To access the coach locker, click the coach locker button below

You should now see the coach locker window appear (as below)

Note: The Tacticsboard owner must own a club license for you to see the video and audio features.

Attaching YouTube audio to your presentation
Click the audio Clip button to bring up the audio feature (as below)

How to get the audio ID,
When you view a YouTube video, you will see a link similar to the one below in your address bar of the browser.


The video id/audio id is the text that appears after the v=, and before the &.

So in our example, the audio id we are using is c0um8bdoRNc.

Simply Paste in the video ID of the YouTube audio into the YouTube audio id box. Doing so should bring up the audio in the display box (as below)

You can now close the coach locker.

You and your viewers will now see a audio icon appear on your Tacticsboard indicating that there is a audio attached to the presentation (as below)

If you click the icon above, then the window below will appear showing your attached audio which your viewers can play.

You can change the audio any time you wish.

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