36: Writing notes in the Coach Locker

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#1: 36: Writing notes in the Coach Locker Author: Tacticsboard Support Post Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 08:55 AM
Tutorial #36 - Writing notes in the Coach Locker

If you are the owner of a Tacticsboard or are an author of a Tacticsboard then you can write notes for your presentations in the coach locker.

Having the ability to write notes for your Tacticsboard users has big benefits when you want to describe in words the message you are trying to get across.

To access the coach locker, click the coach locker button below

You should now see the coach locker window appear (as below)

Note: If you own a coach license then you will only see the coach notes icon, therefore you will not be able to attach video or audio to your presentations.

Writing your first notes
Simply type in the notes that you want to write in the big white area.

When you have finished writing your notes, click the save notes button.

The coach notes will then be attached to the current file you are working on.

If the file is a new file and hasn't been saved then you will be notified that if you do not save the presentation file then the notes will be cleared.

When you save your notes, you will see an icon appear on the Tacticsboard (below), indicating that there are some coach notes associated to this presentation file. (Viewer users of your Tacticsboard see this icon as well).

Simply click the icon to view the notes you have written to bring up the notes window below (which viewers can access)

Anytime your presentation is loaded, the notes are loaded as well.

Note: You can access the coach locker anytime and update your notes if you need to. Whenever you save the notes out, they will be updated in the presentation file accordingly.

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