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35: How to upload a video segment to the Tacticsboard canvas
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Post Post subject: 35: How to upload a video segment to the Tacticsboard canvas
Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 08:57 AM
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Tutorial #35 - How to upload a video segment to the Tacticsboard canvas

One of the unique features Tacticsboard offers is the ability to have several people connected to the Tacticsbaord discussing realtime video, no application on the market today can do this because although streaming video to users in different locations is possible, there is absolutely no system today that guarantees everyone is on exactly the same frame. This is because people have different systems and internet connections.

What Tacticsboard does to accomodate this and guarantee everyone is on exactly the same video frame is offer the ability to upload custom canvas images to as many pages as they need.

As an example, during one (1) of our demonstrations we had two (2) users connected to our demo Tacticsboard in the United States, two (2) in Europe and two (2) in Asia. We then uploaded fifteen (15) frames of a video sequence onto our Tacticsboard and discussed Carlos Alberto's awesome Brazilian goal using the strong-middle-weak pattern. The outcome was awesome, we had the guys in the States drawing over Carlos Alberto's body posture whilst our guys in Europe and Asia watched and discussed.

Although uploading a video segment is technically an advanced technique, it is rather simple to do.

This first thing we need to do is convert the segment of video to jpg images, so they can be easily uploaded to the Tacticsboard and loaded onto several pages.

In this tutorial, we are using an awesome free video playback tool called avidemux. It is open source and completely free. In fact, we are working on adding automation features to this product now to make it even easier for you to transfer video frames to Tacticsboard.

Until we release the tacticsboard addon, we have to use the manual technique of converting a video segment to jpg images (as below)

Convert video segment to jpg images
1. Install Avidmux onto your machine from avidemux.sourceforge.net
2. Open Avidmux (below)

3. Click File, and select Open and locate the video you want to load into avidemux (if you load a HD video, you may see the window below asking to use b-Frames mode. Click No)

Your video should now be loaded into Avidemux (as below)

4.Locate the video segment you want by using the left/right cursor keys on the keyboard

5.Go to the start of the video segment you want to convert to jpg images and click the “A” icon (below)

Notice a blue line appears on the locator slider, this indicates you have marked the start of the video segment you want to convert.

6. Now move the locator slider (or press the right cursor key) and take the video to the end of the segment you want to capture and key click the “B” icon next to A (below)

You should now see a small blue indicator on the locator slider showing you which segment will be converted to jpg images.

7. Click “File”, then highlight “Save” and choose “save selection as Jpg images”

8. Avidemux will now ask you for a location to save the frame images, pick a folder, enter a name for the images and click save.

You will see a message appear advising how many frames have been saved.

In our example, we saved the images as tutorial35 (below)

Notice how the image names are created, tutorial350001.jpg, tutorial350002.jpg, tutorial350003.jpg etc.

If everything went as planned, you should have now exported the video segment to jpg images ready to be imported into your online Tacticsboard.

You can now close avidemux down.

Upload exported frames to Tacticsboard
If you followed tutorial #17 - How to upload your own custom canvas images then this part should be quite straight forward.

Note: Do not upload every frame sequence, i.e 0001, 0002, 0003 etc otherwise you will use too many images. Select every 5th image. As an example, if you export a 20 seconds then you would import every 5th frame image because avidmux exports every frame as an image.

1. Connect to your Tacticsboard
2. Click the “Upload Manager” icon at the top of the screen (below)

3.Click “Browse” and locate the folder where you exported the video images with avidmux.

4. Click the 1st frame in the sequence (.0001) and click ok so the upload manager window re-appears with the name of the selected image (as below)

5. Click “Upload” to upload that image to your Tacticsboard canvas library (once the file is uploaded, you will see an uploaded message)

6. Repeat steps one (1) to four (4) to upload all the images you want to use on your Tacticsboard.

Once you have all the images your want uploaded to your canvas library, you now need to add them to each page on the Tacticsboard.

7. Create a new Tacticsboard file (click the “new” button situated top left of the Tacticsboard interface)

8. Open the 1st canvas on page one (1) by clicking the “Canvas” button, Selecting “board library” and double clicking the 1st image you exported (as below)

You should now see the first frame inside the Tacticsboard on page one (1) as below.

9. Click the “New” button situated below the canvas to create a new page. You should see Page two (2) in the white area above the image.

10. Repeat steps two (2) and three (3) for all the images you want to appear in sequence on the pages of the Tacticsboard.

When you have all the canvas images loaded, you can use the page controls to flick between pages (below)

You can now use the page controls to switch to each page in the sequence you created whilst drawing over or adding markers to each page.

Note: Everyone connected to your tacticsbaord can now see the video sequence, and when you move forward a page they do as well.

You can save the file out under a new name anytime, thus creating different renditions of the video sequence with your drawings over them.

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