34: How to create animations with Tacticsboard

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#1: 34: How to create animations with Tacticsboard Author: Tacticsboard Support Post Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 08:57 AM
Tutorial #34 - How to create animations with Tacticsboard

Tacticsboard is a multi-user environment, and everyone who connects to your Tacticsboard will probably have different computers, internet speeds and so on. So making animations and videos appear on every connected user's screen at exactly the same time requires careful planning.

The way we get past these barriers is to allow you to create presentations with multiple pages, so if you have three (3) or four (4) users connected to your Tacticsboard discussing strategies you can go to page one (1) and know that everyone else can see page one (1) at the same time. And if you cycle through to page 10, then everyone will see exactly the same.

Doing this allows you to create animation sequences, or even upload frames from a video in sequence so you can draw over the video frame and know everyone else is looking at exactly the same thing.

To create a simple 5 paged animation, follow the steps below:

Animating with Tacticsboard
1. Load a canvas onto page one (1) and add some markers (like below)

2. Now click the Copy page button (shown below)

3. You will see the same background image and markers in exactly the same position on page 2, simply move the markers forward slightly as shown below

4. Repeat steps two (2) and three (3) gradually moving the markers to the left until you get to page 5.

5. Once you get to page 5, click the start button (below) to go to page one (1).

6. Now continously click the next button below to take you through each page (as below).

Congratulations, you have created your first animation sequence on your Tacticsboard (as below)

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