21: How to draw lines on the Tacticsboard canvas

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#1: 21: How to draw lines on the Tacticsboard canvas Author: Tacticsboard Support Post Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 09:42 AM
Tutorial #21 - How to draw lines on the Tacticsboard canvas

You can create a combination of over 400 lines using the different line elements (type, option, thickness and colour)

Line Element 1 - Line Type
Select from the tools menu which line type you want to use (below)

You can use these different line types for presenting positional manoeuvres like passing, running, dribbling, sprinting and so on.

Line Element 2 - Line Options
After you select the type of line you want to use, you will see the line options menu appear (below)

By default, they are all turned off, so simply turn on the type of option you want to use.

you can use any options together, like the end arrow and curved arrow will give you a curved line ending with an arrow.

Line Element 3 - Line Thickness
Now select the thickness of the line you want to create with the pen tip tool (below)

Line Element 4 - Line Colour
Finally, select the line colour you want to create by clicking the available colours (below)

Note: you can click the palette icon to bring up many more colours to choose from (below)

Drawing the line
Now you have your line setup how you want to create it, you will notice that the cursor changes to a cross indicating you are using a drawing tool (as below)

1. Place the cursor where you want to start the line
2. Click the mouse button and hold it in, then drag the mouse to where you want to finish the line. Note: If you hold the shift keyboard key down then the line will automatically go straight or 24 degrees depending on where you move the cursor.
3. Release the mouse button to place the line down onto the canvas.

You should now have the line type you want on the canvas.

Using the selector tool, you can now move, copy, paste and change the colour of the line by selecting it and click on the colour you want to change the line to.

In the example below, we have created a thin, blue dashed curved line ending with an arrow.

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