19: How to delete items off the tacticsboard canvas

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#1: 19: How to delete items off the tacticsboard canvas Author: Tacticsboard Support Post Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 09:44 AM
Tutorial #19 - How to delete items on the Tacticsboard canvas

The quickest way to delete something from your Tacticsboard is to use the selector tool, click the item you want to delete and hit the shortcut keyboard key "Delete (Del)".

However, there are four (4) ways you can delete something from your canvas.

Clearing the Tacticsboard canvas
1. Clicking the "Clear Canvas" function button (below) will remove everything on the current page.

When you use this feature you will be asked for confirmation to carry out this action. If you click yes then everything on the Tacticsboard canvas is removed apart from the background image.

Deleting one (1) item at a time
You can delete any single item on your Tacticsboard using the selector tool.

1. Click the selector tool (below)

You will notice the mouse cursor changes to an arrow, and the tool option menu will appear (below)

Simply click the item on the Tacticsboard you want to delete then click the delete button on the option menu (as below)

Note: You can also press the "Delete (Del)" keyboard shortcut key instead of clicking the delete button!

You will see the selected item is now deleted. You can do this for any item on the Tacticsboard.

If you delete an item by accident, then just click the "undo" button to recover your last action.

Deleting several items at a time from the Tacticsboard
Using the selector tool again, if you press your mouse button down (or keep your finger pressed down on tablets) and hold it down, then you can create a box around several items you want to remove. Anything inside the boxed area will be deleted when you press the delete button (as below)

Using the context menu to delete items from the Tacticsboard
If you use selector tool as shown above, and highlight the item(s) you want to delete, you can simply press the right mouse button on your Tacticsboard canvas to bring up the context menu and then select the delete option to delete anything you have highlighted.

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