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#1: 18: How to upload your own markers Author: Tacticsboard Support Post Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 09:45 AM
Tutorial #18 - How to upload your own markers

The upload markers feature is only available to users with a club license.

Being able to upload your own custom markers has many benefits, you can upload photos of your team players for using with the formation canvas to plan and discuss formations with your peers, create set pieces with your players as markers, you can upload your own team badges, company logos and even sponsor's logos to use in your presentations. And as soon as you upload your own custom marker or markers they immediately become available to everyone who uses your Tacticsboard.

To upload your own marker images, there are a few things you need to know.

A. Tacticsboard marker images have to be in png format only.

B. You can upload up to 20 custom markers, which have to be called marker1.png, marker2.png, marker3.png and so on up until marker20.png because these are the filenames your Tacticsboard looks for when presenting to you the buttons so you can select the markers for use.

C. The dimensions of the marker can be anything your require, however we advise using something in the region of 80 pixels wide x 90 pixels high otherwise any larger may effect performance.

D. Once you upload your custom marker, we recommend you restart your browser so old cached images can be cleared.

Uploading a custom marker
1. Open the upload manager by clicking the "Upload Manager" function button like you did in tutorial 17 when you uploaded your own custom canvas (below)

You will now see the upload manager window below:

2. Click the "My Markers" button to indicate you are uploading a custom marker.

You will now see the window below showing you the 20 custom markers we give you by default for each Tacticsboard.

3. Click the browse button and locate the marker you want to upload (remember markers have to be called marker1.png or marker2.png or marker3.png and so on up to marker20.png) then click upload to upload the markers.

You will see a message appear telling you the marker has been uploaded.

4. Click the refresh button, and then click markers again and you should see the new marker you uploaded.

In our example, we uploaded a file called marker1.png which is an image of a jersey we want to use on our Tacticsboard.

5. Now restart your Tacticsboard to see the new marker available on your markers menu by sliding the markers slider all the way across to the right (as below)

6. To use the new marker in your presentations, simply select it like you would normally and drop it onto your Tacticsboard canvas (as below)

That's it, we have successfully uploaded a marker from our own computer for everyone who uses our demo Tacticsboard.

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