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12: How to export your presentations
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Post Post subject: 12: How to export your presentations
Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 09:50 AM
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Tutorial #12 - How to export your presentations

The Tacticsboard canvas uses a layered system similar to the latest art programs available today. This means if you place 3 or 4 markers on the canvas then they are layered and the last one to be placed on the canvas shows above the previous one. Then if you draw a line or draw freehand then that displays over the last marker and so on.

This is so people you invite to use your Tacticsboard can interact live with you. If you draw a line this means other users connected can actually move that line or change its color and vice versa.

By using the export screenshot feature, you can export whatever is displayed on your Tacticsboard canvas at that time to your own computers or devices as a 2D jpg image, and if you have a pdf tool installed you can directly export the screenshot as a pdf document or send the screenshot in an email to someone.

You can also post the screenshot image directly to your facebook wall by using the built in share on facebook feature, which we will go through later in this tutorial.

Another useful feature we have added allows you to export the screenshot to your canvas library. What this does is convert the layered Tacticsboard image to a 2D jpg formatted canvas you can load up as you do with normal canvas images.

So, knowing this information, let's explore exporting the screenshot more.

Exporting your Tacticsboard canvas
1. Click the "export screenshot" function button below

You will now see a message telling you that some complex images may take a few seconds to render as below

2. Click Ok to continue, and within a couple of seconds you should see the screenshot window appear with an image of what was on your Tacticsboard as below:

3. Simply right click the image to save the image to your computer, or email attach it into an email or pdf.

Posting the screenshot to your facebook wall

If you have linked your Tacticsboard account to your facebook account, or signed in with your facebook account then you will see the facebook share button appear.

This is really handy if you want to share your creations with your facebook friends, or post team formations for the next game and so on.

1. From your Tacticsboard, if you haven't already done so click the "Export Screenshot" function button
2. Click the facebook share button (which brings up the facebook window below)

3. Type in a message to post with your Tacticsboard screenshot
4. If you tick the "include coach locker notes" then any notes attached to your Tacticsboard presentation will be added as well.
5. When you're ready to post the screenshot to your facebook wall, click the "Post" button.

Your screenshot, message and coach notes if selected will now be posted afterwhich a window will appear telling you the post was successful (as below)

If you want to go to your facebook wall, click the Goto Wall button, otherwise click Finish.

Your facebook wall should now display your message and photo as below

Converting your Tacticsboard screenshot to a canvas image
There may be situations you want to draw over previously saved images without touching the layers undereath, or when you create templates to be used over and over again.

The solution is simple, all you need to do is convert the screenshot to a Tacticsboard canvas image.

1. From your Tacticsboard, if you haven't already done so click the "Export Screenshot" function button
2. Click "Save as Canvas", you will see the "convert image to Tacticsboard canvas" window appear as below

3. Enter a name to call your new canvas and click "save"

The screenshot will now be saved into your canvas library. When you load a new canvas, you will now see the one (1) you created.

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