11: How to set the Tacticsboard canvas background image

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#1: 11: How to set the Tacticsboard canvas background image Author: Tacticsboard Support Post Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 09:51 AM
Tutorial #11 - How to set the Tacticsboard background image

Each Tacticsboard is packed with stunning canvas images ranging from chalkboards to 3D camera views of the pitch or arena depending on the sport you have selected.

Furthermore, if you own a club license then you can uplaod your own canvas images or photos to be used in your presentations. You can even upload frames of a video and draw over each frame to provide a moving frame by frame animation.

Setting your canvas background
Click the "Load Canvas" function button (below)

This will bring up the load canvas window showing you a thumbnail of the canvases in your library. (below)

Use the scrollbar to scroll down the canvas images and click the image you want to load. Then click the load button.

You can also double click the thumbnail to load it onto the canvas.

The window should now close and the canvas should now be set.

Note: that the board library icon only appears (circled below) for club licensed users because they can upload their own canvas images to their Tacticsboard library.

If you own a club license then simply click the board library to access your uploaded canvas images and use the same instructions shown earlier in this tutorial to load them onto your Tacticsboard.

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