4: How to remove users from your Tacticsboard

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#1: 4: How to remove users from your Tacticsboard Author: Tacticsboard Support Post Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 09:57 AM
Tutorial #4 - How to remove users from your Tacticsboard

Tacticsboard owners have complete control over who can use their Tacticsboards.

Just like you can invite your friends, colleagues, peers and students, you can also remove them.

When someone is removed from a Tacticsboard, they are notified by email that you have removed their access.

Only Tacticsboard viewers can be removed from the Tacticsboard, this is because we do not allow authors to remove fellow authors from the Tacticsboard.

If you need to remove an author, then you need to change their access level back to viewer (as we discussed in tutorial 3) before you can remove them.

Follow the step by step procedure below to remove someone from your Tacticsboard.

1. Connect to your Tacticsboard management portal
2. Click “manage” on the Tacticsboard that you want to remove someone from. You will see the window below appear.

3. Click “remove” next to the user name to bring up the user removal window (as below)

4. Click “YES” to remove the user from your Tacticsboard.
5. If removal was successful, you will be shown the window below:

6. Click “done” to return back to your management portal
7. Now click “info” to check that the user was successfully removed.
8. The user you removed should now be gone from your info list.

You have successfully removed a user from your Tacticsboard.

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