Inspiration behind creating Tacticsboard
Friday, Oct 7, 2011 1:23 pm
Inspiration behind creating Tacticsboard
Back in 2007, Trevor Brooking from the F.A wrote an article about the state of English football, particularly aimed at the grass roots level indicating that the coaches (in the UK) just don't have enough quality time to invest in their grass root students from the age of 6.

"If you can take a lad at six who is not very good and, through coaching, enable him by the time he is 11 to be OK, he will stay in the game," Brooking says. "At the moment, we're losing too many because we're battering them, teaching them the wrong way between five and 11".

With todays technologies, why shouldn't there be a simple solution that allows coaches to give their students that extra one on one mentoring time.

soccer coach mentoring youngster

So, our aim was to provide a solution with the right set of tools for coaches and students to help them go that extra yard away from the field allowing the coach to give the student quality one (1) on one (1) time. Even if it's just a few minutes a day or week, it is still time coaches would not normally have with their students.

To create such an solution has taken over 1/4 million lines of code, thousands of images and thousands of man hours testing.

We feel Tacticsboard will make everyone's lives easier whether you are a coach, student, player, manager or just simply a fan in love with your favourite sport.