Tacticsboard System Update v1.13
Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012 1:08 pm
Tacticsboard System Update v1.13
We are pleased to announce the release of the new tacticsboard system update v1.13 which is automatically applied without you having to download or install anything.

We would also like to thank you for your feedback by including 3 client updates to your tacticsboards which you have requested and will see with immediate effect.

Update 1 - 3D player rotation
We have added a new 3D player rotation feature that allows you to rotate a player marker in 3D within your tacticsboard allowing you to create even better presentations in 3D and also reduce the size of the marker menu system.

You will notice, when you place a 3D player marker onto your tacticsboard that you have a new selection widget on the marker itself showing 2 buttons (rotate left and rotate right). When the marker is selected (as below).
tacticsboard update 1

You now simply click either rotate left or rotate right to change the players position in 3D.

This update is included with the basketball tacticsboards, and is currently being added to the football(soccer) and Volleyball tacticsboards. Future sport tacticsboard will now include this feature as default.

Update 2 - Bilinear Support
This update increases the resolution quality of all markers placed on the tacticsboard when they have been either resized, mirrored or rotated. This fix, removes any pixilation and is immediately applied to all tacticsboards.

See the image below showing several markers and a highlighter resized.
tacticsboard update 1

Update 3 - Simplified User Interface
This new update simplifies the way you place markers onto your tacticsboard canvas from the marker slider. You will now notice that when a marker is placed onto the canvas it becomes immediately selected so you can easily move or adjust its presentation to suite your need.

tacticsboard update 1

As a result of this update, you will no longer accidently place several markers onto your tacticsboard canvas by clicking several times when a marker is highlighted.

This fix is immediately applied to all tacticsboards.