Tacticsboard Web Edition released
Friday, Oct 7, 2011 12:43 pm
Tacticsboard Web Edition released
After three years of research, development and testing Tacticsboard(tm) releases the web edition to the public with a radically updated new version of its new innovative multi user sports system.

The aim of the new platform is to give everyone who loves sports the ability to connect up to their personal Tacticsboard and invite their colleagues, friends, staff and students to discuss anything they want to in the game they love totally free. You can create and discuss formations for an up coming match, analysis of a game, drills, strategies and much much more, no matter which computer systems everyone is using or where they are located in the world.

Features that have been built into Tacticsboard are actual live requests by professional coaches in different sports. The collective data received by over 100 pilot coaches based in the Europe, America, Asia, Australia and even Africa have allowed us to provide everyone from sports enthusiasts to professional organisations with the tools that they wanted to help them in their specialised areas.

The web edition currently supports the Football (Soccer) and Volleyball sports, and we are putting the finishing touches to the Basketball, Gridiron (American Football), Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Ice-Hockey, Field hockey, Lacross, Netball and Baseball tacticsboards with a plan to support over 30 sports by the end of mid 2012.

There is nothing to install and maintain to use the system. You simply sign up, create your live Tacticsboard and connect to it. You can then invite anyone you want to use it free.

There is even a facebook application that allows you to connect to your Tacticsboard from facebook and post your discussions, formations, drills, thoughts instantly to your facebook wall.

This is the first ever application of its kind in the world.

We hope you enjoy it.