Nothing to Install or Maintain
Because the Tacticsboard system is web driven, it means you never ever have to install, upgrade or manage the application on your personal computers because everything is driven through the web browser.

Real-Time Multi User Environment
Each user that you invite to join your Tacticsboard sees exactly what everyone else sees which is ideal for live group or one on one discussions about your sport strategies, formations, analysis or just thoughts.

Secure Data Area
Each Tacticsboard has its own secure data area where you save your presentations, and anyone who joins your Tacticsboard can load them up even if you are not connected.

Complete Control
You have complete control of your Tacticsboard, you can upload your own canvas images, photos or markers which are instantly available for everyone to use. You can even stop all activity on your board so your connected users can only watch what you are doing!

Fully scaled canvases with dimensions
Each Tacticsboard comes with over fifty (50) stunning canvas images with pitch and field dimensions.

Over 120 Markers included
Over 120 beautifully rendered 2D and 3D markers for each sport included.