Tacticsboard is packed full of all the functionality you will ever need to create stunning presentations and live discussions. See the list of features we have built to give you the best experience possible.
Cross Platform - No matter what computer or device is used, users connected all interact live.
Secure Storage Area - Have peace of mind knowing that should your computer fail your data is safe.
User Access Management - Manage your board members access to your Tacticsboard.
High Quality Canvases - Tons of high quality 2D and 3D rendered canvas images for each sport included.
High Quality Markers - Over 120 beautifully rendered sports markers included with all Tacticsboards.
Upload your own images - Upload your very own photos, canvases and markers to your Tacticsboard.
Take Screenshot - Export what you see on your tacticsbaord canvas to a single layered image and save it locally.
Print Presentation - Print your presentation directly from your Tacticsboard.
Multi Lines - Nineteen (19) Different line types to choose from.
Pitch, Field Domensions - Fully scaled pitch and field canvases included with dimensions
Freehand Draw - Draw freehand using your mouse, light pen or touch screen.
Full colour ink palette - Choose from a wide range of ink colours to use on your Tacticsboard.
Multiple Pen Types - Four (4) different pen sizes can be used with any tool.
Multi-Page Presentations - Create stunning multi-paged presentations.
Grid Snap System - Place a grid over your Tacticsboard canvas and snap directly to the grid dimensions.
Chat Messaging - Each Tacticsboard has its very own chat channel for text communications.
Skype call direct - Call colleagues directly through Skype directly from your Tacticsboard.
Multi Layered System - Each item placed on the canvas is layered so it can moved anytime.
Tacticsboard Portal - Simple management interface used to manage all your Tacticsboards.
Embed Tacticsboards into any website - Place your Tacticsboards directly into a page on your own websites.
Smart Screen Detection - Tacticsboard detects your screen resolution so everyone sees exactly the same thing.
Simple to use - Most importantly, Tacticsboard uses a simple point and click system.
Fully Customisable - Each Tacticsboard has the ability to be completely customised to suit any teams colours.