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create football tacticsboard
Whats new?
Over the last few months we have been working hard re-designing the current football tacticsboard system for the female football communities. We have remodelled everything from football structures for the canvases to female player models for the player markers.

The image below shows a very small subset of the new female players and officials markers. (note: all images are taken directly from the tacticsboard)
female coaching tactics

The female football tacticsboard includes several new engine updates like the player rotation system, new fonts, improved caching and much more to make it the most compelling and visually stunning football planning system on the market today whilst remaining simple to use.

The images below shows a couple of home team female players performing an inner and outer hook, along with some training equipment. And because tacticsboard is a layered system, it means markers can appear behind other markers and also put together to form a new object. (see the discs and poles working together in the image to the left).
female coaching tactics

If you currently own a football tacticsboard then don't worry, we are updating the male tacticsboard with all the new features included in the female tacticsboard. We have even started work on creating a junior tacticsboard with junior player models.

And if you want to convert your current football team tacticsboard to a female team tacticsboard then simply drop us a support ticket via the helpdesk system and we will glady switch your tacticsboard over completely free.

New canvases match up perectly with the markers, and are created from real stadium models, real academy complex models, indoor sports hall models and utility models like the conventional tacticsboard, chalkboard, grid paper and so on.

There are now over 80 football canvases to choose from that include stadium views, academy complex views, wooden and asphalt indoor sports hall views and utilities. So whether you are a female team manager creating match write ups, web content writer creating replays, coach developing drills, mentoring your students, building female football team formations or discussing scenarios with your peers live, there is a canvas for any purpose.

The gallery below shows a subset of what you get with the female tacticsboard.

New Tacticsboard Markers
In total, there are over 1000 markers included with every female football tacticsboard, and accessing these markers is very simple, you just slide the markers slider across until you find the one you want.

The list below shows the many different types of markers we have added for you whilst the image shows just a few of the 2D markers. So whether you are creating a conventional 2D top down presentation or going all out with a 3D masterpiece, you should be able to find just what you need.

Type of markers
2D Number Markers
2D Jersey Markers
2D Utility Markers
2D Highlighter Markers
2D Home and Away Player Markers
2D Home and Away Keeper Markers
2D Lineman Markers
2D Referee Markers
2D Equipment Markers
  3D Number Markers
3D Jersey Markers
3D Utility Markers
3D Highlighter Markers
3D Home and Away Player Markers
3D Home and Away Keeper Markers
3D Lineman Markers
3D Referee Markers
3D Equipment Markers
  female coaching tactics

As with the previous football Tacticsboard, anything can be customised, you can upload any canvas images and with a Club license you can upload up to 20 of your own custom markers as well. if you want your own stamp on your tacticsboard then we can customise everything for you, we can replicate your own home and away kits on player models, replicate team player photos into personlised markers, create custom numering schemes just for your team and much more.

The image below is a customisation we created for the wales international U18's team which they used in preperation for their game against Noterthern Ireland which they won.
custom canvases and player markers

Facebook and Skype
You can directly call your peers from tacticsboard free on Skype and post anything you create directly to your facebook wall, we have hundreds of teams creating match reports on their tacticsboards and publishing them directly to their facebook walls. You can also invite your facebook friends to use your tacticsboards completely free as well.

We have also created a facebook application where you can connect straight to your team tacticsboard from facebook.

Tacticsboard toolbar
If you use firefox or internet explorer as your preferred browser then you can install our free tacticsboard toolbar that when installed allows you to directly connect to your tacticsboard portal as well as staying up to date with the latest news releases. There is even a button to connect you directly to the support forums.

womens football tactics toolbar

To install the tacticsboard toolbar all you need to do is click on our toolbar banner in our footer and follow the very simple instructions.

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Sport tacticsboard license plans